New Forum Policy

You will note that that the rules of the RP forum have been changed, affecting how some can read and interact with the forum. A copy of the reason why was posted internally on the forum, however for those who cannot view the forum it is copied below:

Over the last months and weeks the mods team have come to three choices.
– The first was simply to close the forum down completely, as happened with the Grimsby “Fishy” forum.
– The second option was to allow it to continue become more and more like the Luton Outlaw forum.

The mods do not want either of those things to happen and, of the two, it would only ever be the former.

The mods are going down the third option. When the revised rules were first posted up we looked at applying them strictly but, in the end, we did not. It is fair to say that we have let more and more things pass that should not have done. Well, not any more.

We WILL apply the rules strictly and, going on recent weeks, some of you will end up getting warnings, yellows or reds when before you got a quiet word or nothing at all.

To give an example of how tough this will be: Don’t post asking whether you can use certain words because the word in the question will get you a warning or card. Starring some letters of a word out will no longer get you a pass. If the word can be easily worked out then we will simply view it that you have used the word and card you.

We won’t care if you have saved the club in the past, tried to destroy the club in the past, hate or love Morrell, hate or love the WST. If you don’t like the idea of the site to be like this, or the way we intend to mod it, you can simply leave the forum. Let us know and we will ensure that you are able to do that.

Previously, when some posters objected to a modding decision and asked to have their account closed we would allow them to cool off and then, if they wished, return by simply logging back in. Now, if someone asks to leave we will keep their account but change their password.

We are going back to “log in to read” so registration will be required to read and interact.

This third way is not ideal, and RP has more people reading it and interacting with it than ever before in its history and unfortunately & regrettably due to the changes some will no longer be able to read it. The Live Match Threads will be open to non-registered or logged out members as usual as we feel strongly such a service by fans for the fans should stay accessible in that way.

This site is meant to be the online equivalent of a group of people, with one common interest but sometimes differing views about that interest, sitting around in a pub having a chat. It is not meant to be the online equivalent of a bubble match.

In summary, if you wonder whether your post may get you a time out or a card then simply don’t post it and if you do, remind yourself while moaning about the consequences that you have been warned it would happen.