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Default Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...

Hi all,

As per Rob's message, I fall into the long time reader category. I have never posted on here but am generally glued to the site most days. So I guess this was as good excuse as any to register and join in.

- Favourite player (current) - Ashton
- Fave player of all time - Legs/Holt/Carlos
- how long you have been a fan? - First game would have been around 1990 and it was against Stockport, there was some schools thing going on and Stockport school kids where sat with us juniors, oddly I got a punch in the face that night. Never looked back! :-) I used to watch from the kop from then (1991) on with our own Steve Roberts as he was in my year/classes etc at school. Was great to eventually watch him and Neil on the pitch. I go to most games on my own these days as all my mates are armchair Liverpool fans etc and have been a season ticket for the last couple of years.
- Whats your best moment of being a fan - I guess the LDV, bit unoriginal but what a day that was! And becoming a fans owned club! Yes I am in the Trust.

That'll do, looking forward to speaking to you all soon...
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