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Default Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...

Hello Rob and all -

Yes, first RP post despite visiting the site regularly over the last few (very interesting!) seasons.

My first game was back in 1961/2 v Jimmy Hill's Coventry City, and we've obviously had a few ups and downs since then!

My favourite ever player was Bobby Shinton (a football genius), with honourable mentions for Eddie May, Albert Kinsey, Joey and Noddy, Benno, Carlos, Trundle (well, he could play) and King Karl of course. Worst ever was Skinner! Love all the current team to bits - Ashton, Creighton, Harris, the Gaffer, Little (another footballing genius), and I think Danny Wright is in for a big season.
So many memorable games, and European matches, but the LDV Final and FA Cup wins over Forest, West Ham, Birmingham, and the recent Brighton games stand out.

I'm a member of the Trust, but really hope we can concentrate on matters on the field this season - we've got a very experienced squad, we just need another Connolly-type forward and Peter Ward/Fergie type midfielder and we're sorted!

Best to all on RP!
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