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Default Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...

I'm relatively new and have only posted off and on over the last couple of months, but have been an avid reader for a good few years.

Favourite player?

At the moment Glen Little. Plays the game the way I love seeing it played. Intelligent and skillful, with fantastic awareness of space and the players around him. Appreciates the beauty and importance of possession football.

Favourite player of all time?

Incredibly hard to choose an all-time favourite. Names that stand out from the different eras I've watched have to be King Karl, Psycho, Fergie, Trundle and Carlos.

Been a fan since? First game 1994.

Best moment of being a fan?
Thankfully plenty to choose from. On the playing side highlights include LDV Final, Gay Meadow in the promotion season 2003, Bristol Rovers away promotion season 2003 (One of the most complete away performances I've ever seen and Trundle's goal that day is up there with the best individual brilliance I've seen from a Wrexham player), Carlisle away same season (Freezing December day, Hector Sam's 88th minute winner and subsequent shirtless celebration made the long journey worth it). Non-playing side has to be the day the Trust took over and the way we collected the money for the bond, inspired effort and made me very proud to be a Wrexham fan

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