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Default Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...

Evening Rob and all

Have been a voyeur of RP for years and now forced to come out of the closet.

Been a fan since 1966 when my Dad took me and my twin brother (we were both 7 years old funnily enough) into the old paddock to watch the mighty reds lose 1 v 3 to Notts County on the way to finishing 92nd in the Football League (which idiot scrapped the re-election system?) and been well and truly hooked ever since. A couple of seasons later when my brother asked my Dad who the “bloke wearing black” played for we both knew that the “Wrexham gene” had somehow passed him by and that I had inherited his share as well. I also bear the name of my Dads favourite Reds centre half from the Fifties.

So many favourite players over the years….Sammy McMillan scored the first Reds goal I saw so he’s one but I tended to love the “triers” who, whilst not the most naturally gifted, always gave 100% so the likes of Eddie May, Steve Ingle, Phil Hardy, Tony Humes, Deryn Brace, Neil Ashton and (because they were Buckleyites) John Lyons and Mike Williams and, of course, Joey because… well he’s Joey.

Best moments? Well apart from the obvious ones…mine would include the Eddie May “screamer” from the half way line (tried doing the same in a schools match and, as my effort hit the corner flag, the PE teacher bawled out “who do you think you are Eddie May!”) Any Wrexham goal at Sealand Road (seem to recall plenty from Arfon) and also (because I was with Stockport fans from work) a fantastic Peter Ward free kick at Edgeley Park after they had been abusing him something awful. I also recall screaming at the radio (much to the annoyance of my then girlfriend who was at that very moment supposed to be the focus of my “attention” as it were ) as the Reds held out for a goalless draw at Real Zaragoza (how we didn’t win the replay god only knows).

So plenty of ups and downs but despite being marooned (for now) in this dreadful league we are still here…alive and kicking!
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