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Default Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...

Been reading the forum for about a decade or so but only just signed up - so long overdue.

- Favourite player?
Glen Little - True class and a character too.

- Fave player of all time?
Thats a good one - difficult question but i'd probably go for Gary Bennett or Juan Ugarte - someone to knock the goals in.

- how long you have been a fan?
Since the age of 8. The first time i saw wrexham was on a news report from the famous 2-1 win over arsenal in the FA Cup. Since that day i've been a unerring wrexham supporter.

- Whats your best moment of being a fan?
The many FA Cup upsets we have pulled off over the years - arsenal, middlesborough, west ham etc. but especially the year when we reached the QF of the FA Cup and agonisingly lost to chesterfield - what could have been. And of course the many wins over Cardiff City down the years (being from south wales thats the team i most wanted Wrexham to beat).
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