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Default Re: The sad case of a founding member and player of Wrexham Football Club

Originally Posted by Mr Wonderful View Post
Some of the headstones are in a terrible state due to their age. He is registered in the death records (ref:WM/022/63) but not in the burial records which only start in 1876.
Thanks, as I have said, I lost much of the information, when my laptop crashed as I was trying to upload details, and so I had to summarise from memory But I also found certain records missing too, such as the names of his children. I think 3 were named in one genealogy search, but 1 of his 4 children , a boy, was not.
I think I might have misquoted the date of Sergeant Tootell's marriage, which I think would have been 1851 and not 1855 as stated, with 1855 being the date of birth of his un-named son. There was a reference to William Tootell being a minor in the marriage records, which merely meant that he was under 21 when he married, and so the date of the marriage must have been 1851.

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