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Default Re: The sad case of a founding member and player of Wrexham Football Club

I am looking for any information with regard to a G.R. Johnson who played in our first ever game in October 1864.
I have not found any information for him in the Wrexham area aside from a few games for Provincial Cricket Club (possibly related to The Provincial Insurance office, High St Wrexham) at The racecourse in the months leading up to him playing for the newly formed football club on 22nd October 1864.
He then seems to disappear from the archives, although there is a George Rose Johnson (b 1844 Cowes, Isle of White) who is recorded in the 1880/90's as the curate of St Pauls church, Birkenhead) although I cannot find any reference which links him with the person who played for WAFC. There doesn't appear to be any other G.R. Johnson's in the archives who would be at an age where he would be playing cricket and football in 1864.
Would appreciate any information from anyone, so that G.R. Johnson can be identified, and his history recorded as one of our players.
My intention would be to forward all histories of the original 10 players to WST and have them recorded and hopefully in some way commemorated (perhaps by means of a plaque) at The Racecourse.

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