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Default Founding players 1864

Is there anyone who can help out with a bit of research regarding the remaining players from our original team who played against Prince of Wales Fire Brigade 1864?
The original thread was closed and there are still 3 players who need to be confirmed, although I have just started a new contract and so may not have much time for a while
The players in question are
J Taylor, G.R. Johnson and Jos Roberts.
I had originally posted that J Taylor was John Taylor who later became the secretary of the Football Association of Wales, although I now know that this is not likely to be true; Instead I have established that it was a John Taylor, born 1842, the son of John and Anne Taylor, the landlord of the Swan Inn Penybryn.
John Taylor snr was injured in an accident in 1859 and Anne taylor died the same year. John Taylor jnr then briefly became the Landlord of the Swan Inn, but he disappears from the radar after being recorded as the Swan Inn Landlord in 1868.
He had been a member of the Gentlemen of Denbighshire Cricket team in 1867 and was also recorded as being a Steward at Autumn Sports events at the Racecourse and was therefore the same John Taylor who played in our first ever game.
This seems very likely as his brother Thomas Buchannan Taylor b 1847 also later played for Wrexham Football club, winning silverware for being the best player twice during the 1870's and becoming a secretary for the club in the 1880's/90's. T.B. Taylor would also later become a counsellor For Wrexham Council .
John Taylors wife may have given birth to a son 19th September 1868 in Rhosddu.
But John Taylor then seems to disappear

G.R Johnson and Joseph Roberts both played for Provincial Cricket Club in 1864 and would likely have been insurance clerks at the Provincial Insurance office, High Street Wrexham. G.R was most likely a George R Johnson and he was a volunteer in the Prince of Wales Fire Brigade, but he then disappears from the records. Joseph Roberts may have been a shoe maker born 1841 and married and lived at crescent Terrace Wrexham in 1881, although I cannot tie him in as definitely being the same Jos Roberts who played for Wrexham.
I do not have the year of deaths for either of these people.
It is possible that either of these 3 may have had an association with the Denbighshire militia.
If anyone is retired, or anyone who has time on their hands , then any help to confirm who these people are would be very much appreciated.
a good source of information is found in

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