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Originally Posted by Redrobinman View Post
Perhaps I didnt make it clear enough for you.
You have no idea what kind of wage he earns, and you can't make the assumption that he has a "decent standard of living" based on what vehicle he drives.
My ex boss drove around in a VW Golf 1.6, for years and he was the probably the wealthiest Welshman in the world over the last 30 years.
Additionally, a 1 series BMW is nothing more than a nice small hatchback/coupé, well within the means of your average Joe.
The example you give is irrelevant. Not entirely sure why you have your knickers in a twist, but then again I am not really bothered. It is quite a simple analogy, sorry if it has gone over your head or caused you to have a melt down. I will put it more simply just for you. No we shouldn't give him an 18 month deal for which he may spend the 1st 12 months injured which was the post I was originally replying to. In fact no we shouldn't sign him at all.
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