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Default Re: Red Passions - Build the Budget - Part 2

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
The fund just continues to grow - it now stands at 46,470 and donations still seem to be coming it - so keep it up. Maybe a few signings will push it even further.

Great support from the fans.
PAGL are you in a position to say how good the uptake has been with standing orders?

It's vital BtB keeps growing and we do reach a significant figure over the summer so if DK feels he needs more budget than he has been allocated then there is money available. We don't want him missing out on key targets for the sake of another 20- 30K.

I realise the club are looking to more support from businesses and fans will be now looking to find money for STS, but a small donation each month from enough fans will help get us closer to the sort of figure Grimsby achieved prior to their promotion season.
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