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Default Re: Red Passions - Build the Budget - Part 2

Hi Chuno, good to hear from u mate

Yeh i was under the impression that maybe you could just donate and join a team of others who are doing the same thing

Maybe it didnt work out and perhaps all teams have gone in ready-made like my two teams, Geoff/club couldnt get you a game

If they do now come back to you and you get an offer of a full game, grab it mate

But if you are happy to join our game, sub to start with, but on well before HT and then stay on for the remainder, then that would be great

We are playing a week tomorrow, the saturday, 10,00 a,m....i figured this was a good slot as we will have quite a few WaGs who will want to go shopping in the afternoon, etc etc, so, footy would be best in the morning

If you want to firm up your place, you might want to private-message me on here, save us clogging up this thread!

I would then arrange an email to send you all the details, as i have a stock email now which everyone who is playing receives, with all the info anyone would ever need

Cheers, si

Ps as u say, all proceeds to BtB, so with this event and my seasontickets renewal in the next fortnight too, i am doing my bit! ��
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