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Default Re: Russell Penn leaving

Originally Posted by welshian View Post
There may be better players, but we don't seem to be able to attract any of them.
We still have the rest of May, June, July and August. Not all retained lists are out yet either. I'm sure there are plenty of discussions behind closed doors going on. People have to realise we won't be the only club in for these players. It's down the club and management to sell Wrexham FC to them and then hope our wage and contract length is competitive with our competitors. I also think a lot rides on whether Tranmere go up or not. If they go up a lot more Norther based players come available. If they stay down then a lot of Northern based players will wait and see if they can get interest from Tranmere. I just don't get at this early stage why so many expect us to have made signings. Players will be on holiday, mulling over their options etc.
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