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Default Re: Russell Penn leaving

Originally Posted by redavid View Post
I`m asking these questions because Penn said He wanted to stay , So what`s changed ? is it 12 month contracts as stated or a poor wage incentive ? Somethings not right is it ? .
The most logical answer is that the wage offered was not acceptable to him (not saying that is the reason but that is the most obvious one) A player will never say he's left a club because he wasn't offered enough money so that fact he said it wasn't to do with that can't be taken as gospel.
Whether people think Penn is good enough or not is irrelevant, the worry is that Keates wanted him to stay and he wasn't able to get him to do so.
If we want to go along with the who 'In Keates we trust' ethos then we should have all been in agreement that Penn should have stayed because Keates' wanted him to - and he hasn't so that has to be concern.
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