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Default Re: Russell Penn leaving

Hard to believe that some people on here were so adamant about how bad our players were in the season that they said none of them deserved new contracts. How can you square that one when people are up in arms now that those same players have either not been offered contracts, or ones that they feel aren't generous enough?

Every player in the world is worth X - whatever X is. Some players think they are worth more. Some agents push players to believe they are worth more. The more players are told that X is their salary ceiling the better it will be for football - especially at our level. I reckon that DK feels the same way. There will be more than enough players available over the coming weeks for DK to build his squad. If he panicks now in the way that some fans seem to be, it will be bad for the club, the fans, and football in general. If some mug clubs want to run their budgets into the ground picking up over-priced players, let them - particularly if they are players who you have already said aren't worth a new contract...
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