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Default Re: Russell Penn leaving

Originally Posted by John Neals Dynasty View Post
DK signed him it seems to be conveniently forgotten on here, non of his signing in January were any good Jennings and Penn were the best of an average recruitment.
It's probably down to money offered, it's becoming more obvious as each player don't agree terms we are trying to buy quality on the cheap as in everything you get what you pay for, we're are becoming like a pound shop club.
Penn started off well and is one reason we climbed away from the bottom, but he had crap around him.
I await to see who under 36 with quality who will join us, my ST application stays in the draw until I see evidence of ambition.
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His January signings were adequate - they kept us up.. We were lower/mid table and his signings were always likely to be young loan players(Massanka /Shenton or players whose better days were behind them Mccloed.) So to get players like Penn or Jennings here in January with no chance of going up was good business. It may be down to money being offered that he is not staying but it might be that is limited due to Keates wanting to pay more for a goalscorer or top creative midfielder.Last season we appeared to pay over the odds for the quality of players who came here. It is clear Keates is not prepared to do that.
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