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Default Re: Next season's commentary and highlights

Originally Posted by WrexhamO View Post
Thanks Carl,

I have literally thousands of DSA emails and that must be there somewhere I guess!

As I understand the equipment it can broadcast across a range of frequencies, so we just need to pick one that does not clash with the existing.
I have been unable to establish though whether the club has an FM license, but am guessing that if there concerns over a clash then, maybe, it does?

It's not a problem that you cant help with the commentators - as you say it is a specific skill set and we have lined up some tip top training.

For anyone else reading we will, at some point, be looking to recruit commentators for this very exciting role....

Thanks again mate.
No problem at all.

There are internal radio systems at the stadium but I suspect that they require a different type of licence if at all. Two-way communication and broadcast are different. For that reason I would highly doubt that the stadium has a 'broadcast' type of licence but I could be wrong.

The Public Address Systems work a wireless FM frequency and there's a whole host of other people using radio equipment on match days. It's just a case of checking what there is and what the ADC can work on and making sure they all work together okay I guess.

I'll dig out that email and forward it on - I hope it's useful.
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