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Default Re: 3 Year expectations?

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
Now DK has managed to avert the potential disaster that was looming under Mills and the board took the brave step to sack Mills in the aftermath of his disastrous close season decisions then what do you think we can reasonably expect over the next 3 years.

On the football side then DK has to rebuild the identity of the squad and the team. Last years team was completely soulless and in reality there was not much affinity between most of the squad/team and the fans. Once Manny was released we lost any sort of continuity and became a team of 1 season chancers.

I think DK will need to put his faith in at least 5 players that will be core to his plans for at least 18 months and possibly 2 years. Dunn has only signed for a year and likewise Hurst and Rutherford and I don't see anything wrong with this. However DK needs to find his Creighton, his Ashton, his Danny Wright and even his Keates - something he will look to build around.

Off the pitch what should we be doing better, are the trust growing the club or merely just trying to survive on a hand to mouth existence? Last years losses show we have lived over and above our means and lets hope it was a valuable lesson.

What is happening with trust membership - why are we not seeing any initiatives in this area as apart from the one off 'selling the membership soul' for Stoke FA Cup tickets we don't seem to have made any progress in this area at all. Lapsed memberships, membership card problems etc. all seem to indicate a lack of imagination and creativity in this area.

It will be interesting to know the success of this summers concerts and where we are in terms of progress against the 2 and 3 year plans.

Gold bond - when are we going to see moves to bring this in-house and then start to grow this and increase profits.

What changes are going to be made to the kiosks and bars inside the ground - any plans for the ill-fated Jonseys bar and maybe a 50, 60 or 70" screen that can be seen from more than 3 foot away

I feel next season is going to be a big watershed for our club, Wrexham fans are desperate for success and we need this club to start the green shoots of recovery after going backwards on the pitch for the last 3-4 years.
The ageing fans base still able to recall cup exploits, 3 or 4 promotions and some exciting players isn't going to last forever and we need the next generations of fans coming through and wanting to watch this club and they need a club with some identity.

I think the changes need to start now - no more excuses of asset strippers, clearing historic debts and a manager that would have taken us down.

The BTB initiative has shown there is still life in the 'old dog' and a few positive signings, some momentum on ST sales and then a decent start to the season and things will really look at lot different in September.

This is being actively looked at, a meeting took place last night ( Which was not the first ) we will hopefully be in a position for a re-launch at some point this year, it needs to be right before the green light though.

A lot of work to do, but ultimately the aim and will, is for it to be just for Wrexham fans and to bring much higher profits into the club.....
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