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Default Re: Manny Smith to return

Just remember that Riley came from the tramps who must have been paying him a hefty wage as I'm sure were mansfield after he left us. Mills was known to give over the top contracts I'm sure Riley and white would have been top end of our wages last season. Maybe Keates didn't wanna pay him that much and thinks we can get better or just as good for less (manny). Can't believe anyone wouldn't want Smith here, his first year he was nothing short of class, won endless amount of motm and he looked superb. How can you really judge how a player I'd when he's playing out of position where we can all see he wasn't a full back and playing under bloody Gary Mills.

This season he'll be under Keates and Darlington, playing alongside Pearson. You'll struggle to see a better partnership on paper in the league, he ain't much of a talker but Pearson is a leader, so it's a perfect fit. It's another piece to the jigsaw that I believe will have us fighting for the league.