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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Originally Posted by Sandgrounder View Post
I'm not able to get to many games these days, but that performance tonight is telling me that's probably a good thing.

Defence looks fine.

Midfield, I'm going to disagree with most people here. Wedgebury looked very pedestrian, whereas I've always rated Carrington as decent: he's a proper midfielder who does the right things incl moving the ball on quickly even if it isn't always forwards. That said, two sitting midfielders together clearly isn't working.

Boden looks good on the ball but perhaps lacking in confidence. He drops way too deep but that probably flows from midfield being too deep and a distinct absence of playing through the thirds.

Massanka was awful, the lad has no anticipation apart from anything else. Reid looked lively but too early to tell. If it hadn't been for that woeful backpass or whatever it was, although finished well by Reid, the game would have deservedly finished as a dire 0-0.

Did you even go to the same game?