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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Originally Posted by LWR View Post
Dunn 8 - Brilliant save late on, could have easily palmed in straight to their striker. Couple of good punches too.

Roberts 7 - The new Neil Ashton. Very steady. Very good in the air. Would like to see a little more of him going forward.
Smith 9 - Fantastic. Was the best player on the pitch. Didn't lose a thing
Pearson 8 - Won lots in the air, couple of decent clearances, keeps everyone organised. Very positive.
Jennings 6 - Decent. Should have done better to stop the cross in the first half, for their best chance of the game

Mackreth 5 - As mentioned in an another post. Looks a yard short of full match fitness. Believe he will come good.
Wedge 7 - Very solid game. Very good without the ball.
Carrington - 6 Thought he was solid. Made one excellent block late on.
Kelly 5 - Doesn't push on as much as is required in my opinion. Liability without the ball.

Massanka 6 - Think he's coming in for some undeserved stick. I actually some in get the ball down a couple of times, with nowhere to go. No wingers over lapping, Scott Boden not looking to get in behind. Yes there were some very frustrating moments, but think the comment about offsides are very harsh. Watched him have to arch his runs a couple of times as the ball was simply a second or 2 late.

Boden 5 - Not sure he ever got in the game. He's very neat and tidy with the ball, but he's a bits and pieces player. Not sure the partnership with Massanka will every work. He needs someone with work rate next to him (Holroyd or Reid).
Reid 8 Looked very lively when he came on, and breathed a bit of fresh air into the game. Great finish. Although did he win a header? Some good leaps but timed everyone of them wrong. Long balls to his head is not his game though.

Rutherford 6 - Fine/ Solid

Hurst 2 - Not enough time so would normally score a 6. But gave away one of the most pointless freekicks in history late on, when we were under pressure, which gave them a free ball into the box. Especially dangerous as I though their delivery was excellent all game.

Not sure how anyone in defence can score less than a 6. When we kept a clean sheet?
Almost exactly as I saw it including the hurst and massanka comments