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Default Re: Gateshead (H) ratings

Dunn 7 - had nothing to do really bar that last minute save he did from McLaughlin.

Roberts 7 - Looked solid
Pearson & Smith - both looked really strong, won most things.
Jennings 7 - same as Roberts, was solid

Kelly 5 - Was okay when he had it, but wasn't in the game much. Don't think he touched the ball in the first half hour did he? Wasted out wide, needs to be in the middle.

Wedgebury 8 - First time I've seen him for us and he looked class to Me, was everywhere
Carra 6 - offered nothing going forward, worked hard.
Mackreth 5 - Didny really do much did he tbf. Didn't get at Fydield at all.

Boden 2 - First time I've seen him and I actually thought the boy was awful, he offered nothing.
Massanka 4 - worked hard, made runs that tried to stretch the deep back 5 Heed had and he actually had okay toouches.

Subs: Reid 8 - He looked really lively came on, won his fair share of headers too. Looked a cracking finish from where I was.
Hurst N/A

All in all i thought it was a poor game and we only really came in to it and looked better when Reid came on. Kelly needs to be played in the middle for me as well.

What I can't understand is all the hatred for Massanka yet no one has really said much about Boden? At least Massanka worked hard, came looking and wanted the ball. Boden didn't look interested what so ever.