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Default Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.

Originally Posted by WrexSi View Post
Keates made some bizarre selection decisions today. What's frustrating sometimes for the fans is, the wall of silence at times. No real news out of the club before or after games. For all we know Akil could be carrying a knock. Or maybe Coddington was always the plan, but the lad who played Tuesday was signed afterwards too as a useful stopgap before Coddington was ready to actually come and play for us. Who knows. We never hear anything. After matches we just get cliches out of Keates.
We go again next game, etc.

But I think the rot that has set in at the club goes way, way beyond the sole reason being the arguable inadequacies of Wilkin, Mills, Keates.

They can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

There's no spending power here guys.

We will never challenge for promotion, ever, if we don't speculate to accumulate.

All we will ever have, even if Mourinho was running the team, is a mid table conference (NL) team, as there's no money.

We are profitable, sustainable, it's our club, it can never die.

But football wise it's going nowhere, it never can, and never will.
Mismanagement has got us to where we are now, not supporting the CoE and the rubbish excuses to try and justify it. Young lads will hang around if they cam see a route to the first team, it's that bloody simple! Makes my blood boil knowing we now have local WPL clubs with better academies, Chester do also and are bloody part time!

A couple of years back we signed a number of lads from Gap Connahs Quay at a few different age grades, how did we miss out on so many of them in the first place? How many more have slipped the net? Things have meant to have been improved in this area recently so we will see.

Also watching Mills come in and cause further damage when it was clear to a few of us after the dreadful Christmas fixtures during his first season he wasn't cutting the mustard, the goings on started to come out of the wood work then and still he was kept on for another season!

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