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Default Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
I said we might have to see this season out under Keates and as painful as it may sound see where we are this time next season.
We need to give a manager a decent chance at some point and let him try to build a team. Sacking Keates now would take us back to the drawing board completely in my opinion. If at Christmas we are bottom half in the league then that should trigger a rethink. Otherwise we see this season out and surely to god he'll have learnt valuable lessons and will act accordingly.

Saying that he needs to inject something into this team otherwise he's just digging his own grave. Fans won't keep coming back for the dullfest currently on offer. It'll turn sour.
With respect Phil we've had 4 seasons of mid table dog muck as it is and we can't just be prepared to see a season out. No matter who is in charge or whether it's their first or 5th season in charge, our goal has got to be promotion. We cannot keep accepting mid table. We have got to become winners. Luton. Bristol Rovers. Nothing less than 3 points can be acceptable.