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Originally Posted by LWR View Post

Rob would love to know some stats. Amount of views, posts per day, per year etc.

Person with the most posts as well. I'm guessing Statto or FOG

Top poster [StattoWrexham - 27991]
Most replied to thread [Things that annoy you ridiculously ...?]
Most viewed thread [The Old Jester City Thread (now closed and replaced)] (this was merged so high)
Most popular forum [Wrexham Archive 2008 - 2017]

Record online users 6882 (22nd July 2011 23.36:25)

The 6882 concurrent was due to the Norway attack (!) and RP being the number one hit for the blokes name for a period of time

Active user stats shows its around 800-1,000 registered users each 24 hour period, some check hourly (!) some check daily, weekly etc etc.

Lowest in the last 12 months was November 4th with just 686 checking RP in that 24hr period.

In last 30 day period Jan 27th say most threads created on a single day (17!) and in last year January 21, 2017 saw 23 in a single day.

August 07, 2017 saw 812 posts in a single day. Quantity is not always quality...!

The above is from Vbulletin own software, there is an extra stats plugin but as there are 1,671,426 posts anything running is trimmed back to stop it falling over.

As I write this there are 418 Users Online (142 members and 276 guests)....