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Default Re: Colliers Park Development - FAW

I'll be blunt, the FAW won't invest in anywhere and demand Wrexham use it, they wouldn't for Swansea or Cardiff either, do Newport train at Dragons Park? They're investing in it for FAW purposes. Yeah it was awful what has happened to us but it's a Wrexham issue, not an FAW one. They might be open to discussions for a cheap hire costs but they have to make money on it.

Wrexham haven't directly impacted the Welsh national team in a long time. The youth teams who are at Colliers have provided something such as Taylor, Ward and Maxwell but only Maxwell and Taylor had a run in the first team when we gave our young lads a chance about 6 years ago?. Although I really appreciate where the players have got us none of them are Welsh so they aren't a concern for the FAW. If we were bringing players through regularly we could say to the FAW we've got 8 Welsh lads eligible for the Welsh national team, we want to provide the best set up for them, can we work out an agreement?
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