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Default Re: Where the hell is Wright?

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
What's with the love in for Wright? He's a decent player as a defensive midfielder but can't pass a ball or create the telling opening. He may well benefit from the coaching he's getting and may well have been in our better early formations this season but we are now more attacking and Wedgebury is the better defensive option currently.
Wright isn't a defensive midfielder; which showed up pretty well when he replaced Carrington earlier in the season. The fact that he's strong enough and big enough not to get cowed by the opposition (like Kelly) doesn't make him defensive.

No particular love; I can just remember how our central midfield picked-up when he came into the team. At the moment we've got Wedgebury constantly working at full-pelt to make up the bottle-job playing next to him. There's no wonder he faded in the second-half on Saturday.
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