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Default Re: New On our e-bay account

Originally Posted by Wrexy View Post
They are one of the ugliest pairs of boots Iíve ever seen. No wonder he gave them away.
All about opinions and although I appreciate everyone is entitled to theirs, what is there to gain by putting negatives on social media, slating an item that another fan is trying to bring in funds to OUR club from, or again is that just me. I thought we were all in this together, not trying to railroad each others efforts, it really is demotivating and makes me wonder why I bother, I spend a lot of my life on this type of thing, it does not magically happen) Anyway, it's the first time I have seen boots up close in years, they seem more flimsy than boots back in the day, but look decent to me.

Really nice gesture by Wedge, he offered them, as he wanted to help raise funds.

Not often match worn boots can be had by fans, so not surprised bidding going well.

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