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Default Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?

Originally Posted by The Only Way Is Up View Post
Here's the way an English neighbour in Thailand sees this. He's a Villa fan, and works for a ship security company. He posted this on a local forum for ex-pats. It starts with a news report:

"The financial news that every Aston Villa wants to hear"
"AVFC release statement on developing situation"

Aston Villa fans react as Tony Xia breaks his silence

“Aston Villa Football Club can confirm that an agreement has been reached with HMRC and the club will continue to fulfil its obligations.
“The club can also announce that there are no insolvency practitioners or administration advisors working with the club.

Aston Villa in crisis

Villa to sell land

Investigation launched

How AVFC made a quick buck

What is a winding up order?
“Owner and Chairman Dr Tony Xia would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank supporters during this difficult and unsettling time and reassure them plans are now being put in place to move the club forward.”

The news will come as a huge relief to supporters and shortly after Xia took to Twitter to reveal his latest thoughts on the current situation.

The Villa owner broke his silence after the club's financial situation was laid bare.

Xia communicated with fans a week after releasing an official statement in the wake of the Championship play-off final defeat to Fulham.

The worrying state of Villa's finances has been revealed in the weeks since that loss at Wembley which denied the club a return to the Premier League.

Xia is facing major cashflow problems and is expected to listen to offers for Villa's top assets during the window in order to ease their Financial Fair Play concerns.

He has managed to source £2m from China and borrowed a further £4m to help cover the costs in the weeks ahead.

Aston Villa Supporters' Trust call for clarity amid 'worry and hurt'
The owner said today he had tried his best to keep the club moving forward in a brief but sobering tweet.

Xia admitted: "It has been very difficult two weeks as I hinted earlier I was almost heartbroken by something.

"Tried my best to keep beloved AV move forward.

"Thanks for all ppl standing together going through the difficult time. It was all supporters’ encouraging words to keep me/us stronger. #UTV."

It’s understood that Xia is doing everything possible to keep hold of the club he purchased in 2016 having invested over £150m

My neighbour then posted: "I am very chilled over this. If we end up in non league, they will still be my team and I will follow them until the end.
Even if we become FC Villa of Birmingham. I can guarantee one thing Villa will never die 100% as the fans they have are true fans, not plastic, fair weather fans.

I am still hopeful of a rosy outcome.

Stan Colleymore suggested 50000 shares at 2500 pounds per pop, that's 125 mil. I'd take 1, as long as the club was run properly and run to make a profit."

So, Villa would not be where they are in all probability without Xia's huge investment of cash, said to have been averaging £4 million a month, despite which they owed HMRC around £4million in unpaid Income Tax and NI which they'd deducted from players and other employees.

Here is what The Guardian had to say yesterday:

Is this where Wrexham fans would prefer to see our club IF a Sugar Daddy was found?
Jesus. I think we all get the point your are constantly making by starting yet another thread on the subject. Sadly, yet again, you are conveniently missing the point that many are making.

Nobody is really asking or expecting or maybe even wants the type of sugar daddy that you keep banging on about, but for crying out loud, we couldn't half do with some financial help here. There might just be some middle ground but sadly I fear we will sink a bit lower before that sets in with some.

Maybe next time how about a thread about hybrid models that have worked and are working. The debate (at least we are having one I suppose) at the moment is far too black and white for my liking.
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