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Default Re: Wrexham AFC Open Day

Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
On the face of it I totally agree - we've done it before in midweek where I feel potential visitors will be far more limited by work commitments and travelling - especially those who live some distance from Wrexham.

We really don't seem to push this do we ? on another thread it was mentioned about the club attracting sponsors and more club members - a Sunday morning would probably have been far more productive - always attend these events at the weekend - no chance in midweek - feels like it's being swept under the carpet as an unwelcome nuisance - not even advertised the fact that we're even having one (as far as I can tell).

Is there some specific reason why it's been done on a weekday evening ?
Probably because the team are playing FGR at the 'course on the Saturday and Sunday might be a recovery day.
Makes sense to me.