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This may seem like rose tinted specs, but I really do believe we are going to go up as Champions.

Believing in something is a massive part of making it happen...

I know it is going to be hard and there are always a million logical reasons against it... But anyone who has walked up Snowdon will know it looks mighty big from down below but much smaller from up top.

I think the Champions spot is going to turn out like a battle from Star Wars.

The Dark side v the Jedis.

Salford v Wrexham

And we hold the Lightsabre.

We own our club, we are not cash rich and we have a far greater history, pedigree and knowledge of how to play football the Wrexham Way. What is the Salford way exactly ? We had forgotten how to play the Wrexham Way over the years, but we are finding it again through Sam Ricketts.

The last time we did the Champions thing we had an ace Welsh manager who had played for Wales too.

It will take great courage and great mental strength, but Sam is the man to get us back up. It's the first time I have felt that in over 10 years. His ego is not bigger than his ability. His ability is bigger than his ego. A bit like Yoda.

The one thing I do think is we are not going to do it just as one team. #WeAreOneTeam

I think we are going to need a bit of 'Wrexham' in the mix too, for us to go up as Champions.

So anyone who is on social media. When you do the hashtag #WeAreOneTeam please can you also add #WeAreWrexham.

A fab little boy I know recently rubbed the happy Buddah's belly at the European Buddhist headquarters in France. There was a Wrexham AFC sticker on the car in the car park.

Let's make this happen ... Red Passion.

We protected the Racecourse, so getting us back into the Football League as Champions is easy compared to that.

2018/19 Champions.
One of The Thousands Of Owners of Wrexham A.F.C...
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