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Invite all the players from 77/78 Champions side back to the Racecourse. Include all the substitutes.

Give them their old adidas kit with their own number on the back. (They might need a larger size )

For the wonderful players who are sadly not longer here with us. Get someone else to wear their shirt and number to represent them in spirit.

And get them to all walk out before the start of a match. Have our current lads make a tunnel and clap them onto the pitch. Let the away fans see what our club is about.

You need to earn respect of those who have done it, to succeed in life.

Take the players to the Wrexham Town Hall. Show them the balcony where the trophy will be paraded by the Wrexham Mayor and let them see the park that will be full of Wrexham fans.

Make them believe. Show them the light.
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