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Originally Posted by Ooh aah Paskin View Post
This thing about 'large crowd syndrome' is a load of twaddle.

In the 30 years I have been supporting Wrexham they have won lots of games in front of large crowds. Just as they have lost lots of games in front of three men and their dogs!
Not strictly true.
Large crowd syndrome is another way of saying Increased expectation and the pressure that brings. However as El poncho says, we need to turn that nervousness into the confidence of playing in front of large crowds over the season and use it to our advantage. Currently our opposition at home are the underdogs and tend to raise their game, our crowd can be fairly quiet unless we are scoring and the support needs to be more vociferous and intimidating for the opponents.
Our away support is often more raucous than that at home and we appear as a team to be under less pressure.
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