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Default So if you were a Shrewsbury fan

Leaving aside the obvious banter, I think I'd be asking myself what's all the fuss about with regards to team Sam.

20 odd games in to his managerial career and whilst he's had a very good start, he's not looked like the second coming.

Our strength is there for all to see, and with the exception of the keeper, this was all put in place by last season's management so hard to give him much credit for that.

Midfield has improved, partly due to some decent player recruitment and having an extra body in there. Therefore possession stats look better but we still don't open teams up enough. If the shrews like getting drunk on meaningless stats they are in for a treat.

Up front at the business end of the pitch, well what can you say that hasn't already been said? A work in progress would be an understatement. Yes a lack of serious funds can be blamed for this, but I and many others would say this major problem goes deeper than simple player recruitment.

That said, I think most of us were generally happy with the job he was doing, could see some progression and from a pure footballing point of view would have preferred it if he had stayed. But if I'm a shrew, is that really worth pushing the boat out for ?

Then you have his integrity, or lack of it. Their last manager by all accounts lacked any kind of moral compass that didn't go down well and now they are going for someone who is cut from the same dirty cloth who is clearly going to jump at the first opportunity. I'd certainly be worried if he started giving out big juicy contracts.

Time will tell if they have made the right call and whilst any appointment is a gamble, this one poses far more questions than answers. Good luck Shrewsbury, you might just need it.
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