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Default Re: So if you were a Shrewsbury fan

Fully expecting Jaaskelainan to jump ship too and team up with Ricketts.

Could Ricketts be unveiled as the new manager of STFC before their cup tie this afternoon v Ssilly billyhorpe United ? no time like the present.

Although no official announcement Ricketts has burnt his boat at the Racecourse and even if he isn't appointed I can't see anyway back for him now. How true it is I do not know but I heard last night that Ricketts and Barrow have had an almighty training ground bust up over the move - perhaps all meaningless now as it wont change anything.

As for Shrewsbury taking a gamble on Ricketts - well we did with both Ricketts and Keates and it worked both times.

Hoping we land Askey ASAP - and just get on with it - if so it might work out better for us in the long term - I hope Graham Barrow stays - Askey & Barrow could be good.
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