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Default Re: So if you were a Shrewsbury fan

Originally Posted by the_holt_dragon View Post
I wonder if there is some kind of stigma managing in the non league. Maybe if Ricketts had gone straight to Shrewsbury people wouldn't have thought anything of it.

When you consider Gerrard got the Rangers job and Lampard the Derby one, is Ricketts getting a smaller league one club that strange?
There is nothing strange. Some appointments are made on potential.
Thats how Keates got the job, narural leader and that means decision making.
Same with Gerrard.

You want a manager to take brave decisions, difficult decisions but with focus.
Ricketts does seem the type.

Lets face it Mills and even Wilkin made brave but BAD decisions.
We cannot just tolerate poor players, as I keep saying lose them.
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