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Default Ratings vs Eastleigh

Lainton 7 - didn't have a lot to do but held on to a couple of easy shots towards the end. He was very vocal in 2nd half. Been taking lessons from SP!

Roberts 7 - standard Roberts - hope the injury isn't too serious
Lawlor 7 - together with Smith, they never looked troubled
Smith 7 - welcome back Manny, looked like he had never been away. Did he break sweat?
Jennings 7 - scored a fluke/worldie which set us on our way and was decent all game

Summerfield 6 - played in front of the back 4 and it suppressed his natural tendency to set up attacks. Picked up the loose ball but not his best position for me.
Carrington 8 - he's here, he's there, he's everywhere. A proper footballer and his best game for a while.
Akil 8 - thought he struggled early on but grew into the role. Could have been Motm but for that miss.
Rutherford 7 - quiet first half but was a revelation once Young came on and seemed to enjoy the freedom he was given.

Beavon 7 - his link up play with Grant was excellent. The problem with playing the diamond in midfield is that the front 2 lack the support up front but I thought they were excellent.
Grant 7 - took his goal well and led the line against some sizeable opponents! I think he needs a couple more games to be really sharp but very pleased with his contribution.

Young 7 - although he wasn't on for the whole game, his contribution was excellent. He never stopped running and it was no coincidence that Rutherford improved when he came on.
Fondop n/a
Holroyd n/a

Team - we worked harder that at any time this season. The closing down was excellent and we never gave Eastleigh a minute. A fully deserved victory.

MOTM - the group of us who sit together couldn't decide and we all gave it to different players. Didn't disagree with Carrington but could have been Manny, Akil or Beavon.

Well done GB and JJ and the rest of the backroom staff. You have done an amazing job this week.

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