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Default Re: Big Den rejects offer!

Originally Posted by Junior Shabadoo View Post
Itís as correct a choice as you get in 2018. What Sam did (less so with Keates) was dirty but at some point we have to accept that this is the game now, all the way up to the top. Criticism of not taking us up barely applies in these instances given the timing of their departures. The sheer level of criticism aimed at both men for leaving shows you that both were right for the job.
Right for the job but walked as soon as the opportunity arose? Hmm, I get your point but I'm not so sure.
Not taking us up, in the context of who is the right choice is ultimately what we judge them on though isn't it?
Morrell took us closest but some folk on here seem to hate the guy more than Mills.

But Macc had Askey, Lincoln had the Cowleys, Luton had Still. I'd say they were the correct choice.