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Default Re: Big Den rejects offer!

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Right for the job but walked as soon as the opportunity arose? Hmm, I get your point but I'm not so sure.
Not taking us up, in the context of who is the right choice is ultimately what we judge them on though isn't it?
Morrell took us closest but some folk on here seem to hate the guy more than Mills.

But Macc had Askey, Lincoln had the Cowleys, Luton had Still. I'd say they were the correct choice.
If they leave after three or four goes then that performance is questionable. Neither completing one makes it more muddy as both were on the right path.

There are a few Morrell haters but there’s no stopping that kind of idiocy; he ultimately wasn’t good enough in the transfer market and it cost him his job after the first bad season. Anyone who loathes him for that should see a doctor.
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