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Default Re: Big Den rejects offer!

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post
That is all down to opinions.

You back Askey, and there are reasons why he might be the right guy.

But others - myself included - think last seasonís achievement might not be repeatable.

Askey is an experienced NL manager, which immediately sets off alarm bells in my head. Your fear seems to be that any up and coming newbee manager will up sticks at the drop of a hat. Keates and Ricketts supports your theory, but their actions are not guaranteed to be repeated.

Ultimately, choosing a successful manager has a big element of luck.

Furthermore, I agree that GB does not yet deserve cult status but, equally, you seem to want to skim over his proven experience - at a higher level than Askey. We are also playing better football since he took the reins.

Finally, having signed an assistant manager before appointing the manager is unusual and potentially disruptive. But only if the Board appoint the wrong man.
I back Askey only if itís between him and DL. Itís a no brainer.
One has experience in this league, years of it, the other has none.
One has recently had unexpected success, the other has none and isnít exactly ripping it up in his current job.
When did I compare Askey to Barrow? Iíll give barrow hero status when heís earnt it.

Applying your logic to recruitment outside of football would be laughed at but you seem to think itís fine to apply it here. Experience gets you the job. Itís really simple.