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Default Re: Big Den rejects offer!

My only concern with Askey is his experience in non league! He has managed at this level all his career but only had one successful season. he 'Failed' at his stab of League management so does this tell us something?
Is this his level, and is he not actually that good at this level? Or have his hands been tied by budgets etc?

I'm not ruling him out but its not that sparkling a managerial career if you want to analyse it in depth.

On the other hand Lawrence has no experience in this league but has coached or managed at a higher level (just, in the case of T & T!) and would have Barrow alongside him for that experience of this level. Keates and Ricketts have surely got to be considered 'successful' despite their lack of experience as they have both been head hunted by league clubs, so inexperience should not be used as a dismissive element.

I don't know which way the board will turn but I don't think any choice or name put forward so far is a 'no brainer'.

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