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Originally Posted by harrye53 View Post
Why would you think the on line shop is poor ? Matt has put a lot of work in keeping it up to date and we have a new improved system
And website . I just looked . Home replica shirt . Drop down menu then select the size . If you still have a problem then give us a ring in the morning and we can talk you through it . 01978 891864 club shop option . The on line shop has greatly improved and we will exceed last years Christman sales by a fair way . Thanks Geoff
Hi Geoff,

Sorry if my post offended you - I appreciate the time gone into creating a website, but I have to say that deciphering kids sizes are in the men's range is not a standard retail online shopping experience, so please do pass that onto Matt for any updates. Likewise, when looking at some of the items in the online shop the preview/zoom function doesn't work.

I have been in the physical club shop plenty of times over the years and appreciate the service you guys give, and so would happily call up too but it's after hours.

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