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Default Re: After Aldershot (A) VNL - 22/12/2018 (0-0)

Originally Posted by draigwrecsam View Post
An away draw is never a bad thing, a clean sheet is never a bad thing, not scoring is a bad thing. Merry Christmas!

With 22 games to go last season we were looking pretty good in the league. Of those 22 games, we only lost 4 - these 4 games were lost in the last 5 games of the season! So what happened? What happened is we only won 5 while we went on our endless draw campaign! Let's hope for better things this year!
You little tinker, obscure mistakes again. Barnet have played 22 games, points total 31. I’ll let you find out which game you’ve missed, I have a life.
Halifax have played 24, 27 points but they haven’t played Barnet yet.

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