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Default Re: Like for Like 2018-19

Originally Posted by Hamilton Pathetic View Post
Bloomin' Hec! It's getting tougher to spot them, but they are still there. Games banned in the Cup total one more than on your spread sheet, i.e. 2. No clues but it was one of our Young players who was suspended.

Fake news!

After countless hours (well, fewer than one - but more than one minute) searching for this supposed error, I find that you mis-read the stats.

Mr Young was, indeed, suspended for 3 games as is correctly shown in the overall figures. The "2" that you refer to is the number of league games he missed; the third game being duly recorded as an FA Trophy game.

Now can I get back to sorting the real errors in the PPG table?

I'll be looking for you on Saturday!
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