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Default Re: That's 3 defeats in a row (Bromley A)

Originally Posted by Cenotaff View Post
A bit of an alarming slide of form but it's easy to forget the good results before it. A few losses and people lose their shit and demand change. Madness. Barrow wouldn't have been my first choice, I'm not happy with the recent results but for Christ sake, this modern day trend of calling for a managers head after a short run of games without a win/some losses is a real stain of modern day football.

People expect managers to blood youth, build a team, style of play etc but then demand their head on a stick with any poor run of form. If we jumped on every victory the same way we do to a loss we'd be an absolute juggernaut of confidence.

I repeat, 3 straight losses is hugely disappointing but also remember where we are still and what we are capable of. 3 games ago after walloping Salford, where were people bitching and losing their minds over the structure and choice of management? I'm not saying Barrow is a messiah but he's not some div who knows sod all either.

I can understand peoples anger, we have received sell on feeís, compo for two managers, great crowds coming through the gates and we know that we have money from a reasonable cup run on its way in a few months. But then when it gets to the transfer window we fail to sign any known forwards who are currently doing the business and again taking our chances on strugglers. Itís the same as last season, itís hard to turn a blind eye to eight years of failure on the pitch.

Is it Barrow or is it the lack of support in the budget ? Personally I think itís the budget we are simply not competitive in the transfer market or on wages to bring in the quality required. If we canít afford to be competitive then something is drastically wrong ( probably running costs of the ground) as we donít have any sugar daddyís to take a cut back out of all these lucky pots of money that have come our way.

Letís hope Barrow is given enough support as I remember when I was sold the dream on fans ownership at Glyndwr University many years ago that no one would be creaming the profits off the top and this would allow us to put all the money back in and a better product on the pitch, not seen any evidence yet.