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Default Re: Barrow, Cheap Option & Danny Ward money

Originally Posted by Stafford Red View Post
Keates was a good appointment, so was Ricketts, Lawrence would have followed the same criteria, and Barrow's appointment as assistant made sense.
Appointing Barrow before DL was finalised was the big error.
From that point, making GB up, and letting him choose his assistant broke the mould. We can only hope these few games are just a blip, like every team has, and all will be rosy come April.
I have my doubts.
What did Keates and Ricketts do here that made them good appointments exactly?

Barrow's appointment made no sense and anyone thinking he was the boards first or even second choice is kidding themselves. He hasn't managed for over 10 years and had no desire to do so. How does that make sense? Plus lessons not learnt from last season leaves you wondering at the level of arrogance there is in the boardroom. Not good enough.
I agree giving Barrow that deal before they got a manager in was bizarre and piss poor.
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