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Default Re: Manager post match interview; Bromley.

Originally Posted by bartonbank View Post
Jeez, but that is depressing...apparently it is all down to having to play on a Tuesday after a Saturday game coz we didn't have chance to prepare? What? Like the opposition manage to?
I'd put it down to 4-1-4-1 with Summerfield expected to do a role he isn't suited to, an absent midfield not supporting the defence and a loan striker required to hold a ball heading towards him at over head height rather than chest height or to feet with additional aimless balls to the corners, safely shepherded out for a goal kick.
I hope he is more inspiring in the dressing room but, frankly, I doubt it.
Oh dear.

Making poor excuses like this after so few games in charge isn't a good sign.

Lets hope the players throats survived the rage after the game.
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