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Default Re: Dag and Reg predictions crowd score mood

Originally Posted by basdragon View Post
Moronic post.

Where has anyone said that we are heading into a "new golden age". the most optimistic of posters has said that they will wait and see how BH gets on.

There is a good deal of concern at what is going on behind the scenes, which is fair enough given what we are learning about the events of the last couple of months in particular.

But people are wanting to get behind the team. Even if they are baffled/concerned by Hughes' appointment. That's hope, that's optimism and I don't see that people deserve to be derided because they don't want to be as pessimistic as you are.

Do you want him to fail ?
What I want is for us to get promoted. Now in my eyes appointing someone who has got a poor record three division below and hasn't been in the game for three years,voicing concerns isn't pessimistic its realistic. Thats not factoring in the length of the contract We will see what happens come 5:00 on Saturday.

If you believe the rumours we may get a bounce if the players were that unhappy with GB + MN. if I was a player though after getting rid of them two and then bringing in an inexperienced manager with a poor track record I would be asking some serious questions of the club.

As for heading into the golden age that was a comment about some of the Facebook posts I read from people on the club page when Hughes was announced. Same people who were shooting down those raising concerns.