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Default Statement from WST Independent Secretary

Statement from WST Independent Secretary

I am the independent secretary of Wrexham Supporters Trust. I am not a club director or trust board member. My role is to advise the Trust and ensure it acts legally and within the Rules. My role provides an insight into many aspects of trust and club business. I do not speak for either.

I make this statement now because I am very concerned about the level of abuse directed at certain individual directors especially on social media. Members should question and challenge decisions by their elected representatives - they have delegated power and responsibility to them. Itís one of the many advantages of supporter ownership. Although board members cannot always reveal the sensitive information behind some of those decisions or provide all of the detail about why events occurred. Sometimes for legal reasons.

Importantly, decisions by the club board are made by all directors. They share collective responsibility as do the trust board for their decisions. There will be an opportunity for members to question the board(s) about recent events. To single out individual directors is unfair and illogical and when itís abusive is completely unacceptable. Iím sure the vast majority of fair minded Wrexham fans would agree with that.

And so I would reassure members that decisions made by the boards are made in good faith with the best interests of the Club in mind. People may disagree with them but please refrain from abusing individual volunteers. Instead use the procedures that exist to question your board members starting with tonightís members meeting.

Thank you.

Alan Fox