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Default Re: Statement from WST Independent Secretary

Originally Posted by RED2309 View Post
Thanks for a bit of sanity.

I can see why Barrow was an easy appointment less upheaval etc while not being in favour of it.

The game was up for him after the team selection at Fylde when Directors Fans & Players saw it wasn't going to happen.

Steps were then taken by the FC board to sort it out which they have - not sure BH is a popular choice though.

My other fear is that if Darlington remains we will see no improvement in tactics/formation as he has been the common denominator with the last three managers.
How were steps taken by the board to sort it out. Barrow has acknowledged the job isn't for him - the board have therefore reacted to a position that they themselves created by putting pressure on GB to take the job in the first place.

What goes around and all that.